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Which of Your Chakras Are Blocked?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The Seven Chakras are:

Root chakra is red, it is found at the base of your spine when you are seated and is your connection to the earth and your ancestors.

Sacral chakra is orange and is found in your lower abdomen. It governs all your relationships with people, money, food, and yourself.

Solar plexus is yellow and is found just below your rib cage above your belly button, it holds courage and defines your boundaries. It is the seat of your self.

Heart chakra is green and is found by your physical heart and is the centre of love, hope and compassion.

Throat chakra is turquoise and is found in your neck and is about creativity and communication.

Third eye is indigo blue, is found in your forehead just above your eyes and is for insight.

Crown chakra is purple, is found on top of your head (the temple) and is your connection to your higher purpose and god consciousness

Which of your 7 chakras are blocked?

A blocked Root Chakra can cause anxiety-disorders, nightmares, and fear-led thinking.

Blocked Sacral Chakras lead to emotional instability, lack of creativity, and physical issues like depression and addiction.

A blocked Solar Plexus can lead to low self-esteem, cause problems with making decisions, and prevent you from controlling intense emotions like anger.

A blocked Heart Chakra can cause feelings of jealousy, grief, anger, and fear of betrayal along with self-hatred. You may find yourself with a serious deficit of love in your life, as well.

Blocked Throat Chakras cause issues communicating your truth. You could find it problematic to stay focused, and may also have an intense fear of judgment.

Blockages in your Third Eye may prevent you from trusting your inner-voice and intuition. It may also make it difficult to learn new skills or remember important facts.

When the Crown Chakra is blocked you may feel emotionally distressed, isolated, and disconnected from everyone and everything.


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