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7 Effective Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and Well-being

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Learn to understand and manage your feelings:

The first step to working on your mental health is to understand exactly how you are feeling and why, we have to dig deep and be honest with ourselves to find the core reasons or triggers so we are able to manage them. This is a continuous task we will need to do throughout our lives and is definitely not something we can do once, as a quick fix.

A few positive ways to start understanding our emotions; identify what you're feeling, accept your emotions (all of them), keep a journal to document your feelings, take a few deep breaths, know when to express yourself and give yourself some space to be present in your emotions. Remember all emotions even the ones that don't make us feel good are normal and we all have them, what matters is how we manage them and what we identify ourselves with.

Spend time in nature:

It has been proven that spending time outdoors has positive health benefits, which can improve your mental, emotional and physical health. Activities such as; gardening, going for a walk or being around animals can have great positive effects such as:

  • improving your mood

  • reducing feelings of stress or anger

  • Helps you to feel more relaxed

  • improves your physical health

  • improve your confidence and overall self-esteem

  • Encourages you to be more active

  • Reduce the feeling on loneliness

  • help you to feel more connected to nature

Book a Reiki Session:

Reiki is a great way to manage your mental health as it uses different energy frequencies to help clear your body, aura and chakras of any stagnant or blocked energy that can be causing you to be out of alignment. It will assist the body in its natural healing process to develop emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being, releasing anything that no longer serves you.

Talk to someone you trust for support:

Sometimes we just need to vent to someone, cherish those friendships where you can talk openly and honestly about your feelings. It is so important to get it all off your chest and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel once you openly talk about your feelings. There are also so many amazing therapists available online such which can work around your schedule.

Be kind and help create a better world:

One of the five Reiki principles is "Just for today, Be Kind" and this principle focuses on being kind to every living thing and how this in turn will attract kindness and positive energy back to you. It includes being gentle to yourself, which is essential for spiritual growth. It may seem obvious to some but, when we get stuck in a rut, we can forget to even be kind to ourselves. It may be more challenging to be kind to someone who isn't very kind to you, I get it BUT you must remember that only hurt people, hurt people and the cycle has to stop somewhere. You never know what someone else is going through behind closed doors so have compassion and kill them with kindness instead! You may be surprised in the response you get. You can read more about the 5 Reiki Principles here: The Reiki Principles and How We Can Implement Them Into Your Everyday Life.

Keep moving:

Move your body! Whether that's going to the gym, dancing around your bedroom or stretching your body you will feel so much better once you do. Get those endorphins going, the natural "happy drug" to keep you uplifted when you're not feeling your best.

Plan things to look forward to:

It can always help to have something to look forward to, to keep you motivated and uplifted when you aren't feeling your best. See below a few recommendations from me:

  • Book a holiday/ road trip/ getaway

  • Help someone who needs it

  • Get creative, paint, draw, write a poem

  • Book one of my Vision Board Workshops!

  • Plan a date night with partner/ friend

  • Read a book

  • Watch an uplifting movie

  • Visit an art gallery/ museum

  • This list could go on!

Eat healthy food:

I am sure you've heard the saying "You are what you eat" and it couldn’t be more true! Eating nutrient-rich foods such as whole foods, magnesium, fibre, antioxidants and vitamin D you are setting yourself up to win! The connection between our emotions and diet stems from the close relationship between our gastrointestinal tract and brain. Unhealthy foods can make us feel sluggish and unmotivated.

Whereas, healthy food sends positive messages which in turn can improve our mood, ability to focus; and help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Mental health is a universal human right!

To book a Reiki session or if you just want to have a chat, click here to send me an email with any thoughts/ questions you may have.


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