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What To Expect After A Reiki Session

Some people are more sensitive than others and you may feel the energy moving all over your body. But if you didn’t, trust that the healing process is still working.

It's very common to have deep emotions triggered inside of you so be kind to yourself. These feelings can be blissful, spacey, anger, sadness. It’s important to understand all emotions are valid and to be extra aware of them after a reiki session. Let your emotions flow through you without getting to caught up in the emotions. Don’t try to control them, just be aware of them.

You may feel flu like symptoms or headaches but just remember, this is your body shifting to a higher frequency so it’s activating your detoxification process.

If past emotions come up treat it like your phone and delete any outdated (unwanted) apps (emotions) keep the ones that you like and delete the ones that no longer serve you, as they will just take up precious storage space. If you’re not using those emotional apps, they can start to weigh you down, so use this whole process to release

Normally the side effects will go away after a couple of days, but the healing is going to conjure for weeks and that’s really what you want. Sometimes you’re not going to notice results from the healing right away and this is ok to, you can have comfort in knowing that Reiki is working whether you can feel it or not.

Some emotional issues are a little bit deeper which will take a few more sessions to really feel the shifts. Don’t get impatient with yourself or worse, let that self-doubt or criticism take over. This is your healing process and it’s going to happen on your own schedule so remember this is a journey and taking that first step is always the hardest so be proud of yourself!

It's time to let go + let love


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