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What To Do Before & After a Reiki Session

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

POV: You have booked your first 1:1 Reiki session and you want to get the most out of it - you're on a healing journey and you are ready! Here is how you can prepare:

- Drink lots of water (I like hot water and lemon to detoxify)

- No sugary drinks or alcohol 24 hours before your session

- No meat for 24 hours before (preferably but up to you)

There is nothing else you need to do or bring, just yourself and the intention to release what no longer serves you.

POV: You have connected to a higher frequency which means you are strengthening your energy field and aligning your chakras which can be intense. Your body needs some time to adjust to this new frequency. After the next few days your immune system is going to get stronger, and your body is starting to find its balance. This can effect your energy levels, emotions, feelings and thoughts - so. take. it. easy.

- Slow down

- Take the day off (if you can)

- Have a nap

- Allow your body to adjust to this new frequency

- Have a nice hot bath with your favourite oils

- Disconnect from your phone or any electronics

- Drink lots of water (avoid coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol)

- Have some alone time

- Take a walk without your phone

- Meditate

- Do a light work out or yoga

These are all just my suggestions, Reiki will work regardless, but this is a nice way to allow your body to heal.


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