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The Reiki Principles & How You Can Implement Them Into Your Everyday Life

The Reiki Principles focus on the present moment and what you can do better "Just for today". By eliminating the pressure of having to commit to a new habit now until forever it gives us the space to make mistakes as we are only human after all. Feelings and emotions can deter us from living "The Reiki Way" which is why you don't need to hold the guilt of not getting it perfect right away. You can always start again tomorrow and if that doesn't work out then try again the next day. The most important thing in life are your intentions and if you intend to be a better person every day, then that is all that matters. So lets get straight into it...

Just for today do not worry

Many of us worry about things that have not even happened yet which is the thief of joy. It may feel like that worry comes from an external source, but Reiki understands that it comes from within. If you're holding on to worry energy, thinking about future events can produce negative emotions. However, if you teach yourself to release this energy, you may have an easier time living in the present moment, allowing your manifestation abilities to strengthen naturally.

Just for today be kind

This principle focuses on being kind to every living thing and how this in turn will attract kindness and positive energy back to you. It includes being gentle to yourself, which is essential for spiritual growth. It may seem obvious to some but, when we get stuck in a rut, we can forget to even be kind to ourselves. It may be more challenging to be kind to someone who isn't very kind to you, I get it BUT you must remember that only hurt people, hurt people and the cycle has to stop somewhere. You never know what someone else is going through behind closed doors so have compassion and kill them with kindness instead! You may be surprised in the response you get.

Just for today do not anger

All of our feelings and emotions are valid and real. It is totally normal to feel angry sometimes but it's how we get ourselves out of that emotion and how quickly we can do it - it definitely takes some practice. This emotion can be triggered by many scenarios, like dealing with a rude co-worker or road rage, the list goes on... But according to Reiki, anger doesn't come from these outside events. Instead, it stems from angry energy already within you. This principle aims to help you release this energy. It encourages you to recognise anger and to let it go, allowing you to invite happiness into your life.

Just for today work with diligence

Living diligently is so much more than just going to your "job" and making a living. It takes diligence to wake up every morning and stick to your routine and healthy habits. It takes diligence to not let your anger get the better of you, to face your fears or to look in the mirror and confront what you see with humble compassion. Working with diligence and focus keeps us in a state of mindful existence, approaching all pursuits with pure intent and thoughtfulness. Maintaining devotion to each endeavour keeps us grounded to the task and honest in our approach.

Just for today be grateful

I saved this one for last as it is by far my favourite! I can't stress enough how important this principle is. Being grateful can be the game changer you've needed; it forces you to focus only on the positives and to see the silver lining in all situations (no matter how faint!) in even the parts of your life you maybe wouldn't have chosen. Being grateful only encourages positivity in turn keeping you on the frequency that attracts more things/ situations for you to be grateful for. If you're finding it difficult start small and write down three things you're grateful for every day and you WILL see a huge difference!

Why don't you try working on 1 principle at a time and keep me updated with your progress. Remember it's the intention of your actions that the universe reacts to so be kinder to yourself and keep taking steps forward to becoming the best version of YOU x

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