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5 Steps To Unblock Your Chakras

Here are my five simple ways to unblock your chakras:

1. Move your body regularly – You can stretch, exercise, dance, just feel the movement in your body and let it flow, notice areas around the hips, pelvis, spine, shoulders and neck that are stuck or tight and pay attention to loosening and bringing strength to them. Yoga and Pilates are both great for chakra health as they predominantly focus on mindful movement, a strong centre, and being connected to the ground.

2. Spend time in nature - Walk barefoot on the grass or swim in open water, get closer to nature, your mind and body will thank you for it. This will help to connect your base chakra to the earth and ground you in the now. Now is all we have, this moment and living fully in it means allowing yourself to be in balance.

3. Mediate daily to clear your energy centres. Start by closing your eyes, now breathe and focus on your breath. Sit up straight with your hands relaxing in your lap or to the side with your palms facing upwards as this is a universal sign to show that you are ready and willing to receive all of the gifts that the universe has to offer. Let any thoughts that pass come and go… You can check out my Spotify to find the best meditation music for you.

4. Take time to become aware of what your emotions are and reflect on them. Make this a daily habit as this will allow you to be present and notice your own feelings, this is a great preventative exercise to stop yourself from holding onto pent up emotions. Acknowledge them and then let them go, as the energy of the chakras does as well. If you are holding onto feelings, this will cause imbalance in your energetic flow and affect your chakras, so recognising makes a huge difference.

5. Journal daily - write down your mind chatter and repetitive thoughts as this will allow space to be created within you and stops energy from becoming blocked. Physically writing down your thoughts is a great way of releasing them, I like to burn the paper in the sink (safely) afterwards as this gives me the feeling of letting it go. Once you accept what is running in the background of your mind you will be able to make the relevant changes to better yourself.

Now your chakras are unblocked you can reap the benefits of having a more balanced state of mind, which will result in easy manifestation, better health, and overall happiness. Everything will feel as though it is magically aligning around you just as you have hoped it would.

If you need help unblocking your chakras contact me to book a 1:1 Reiki Session at

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