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Are you looking for a way to restore your physical and mental wellbeing? Are you on a journey to bettering yourself on all levels to allow yourself to accept all the gifts the universe has to offer? 


Reiki uses different energy frequencies to help clear your body, aura and chakras of any stagnant or blocked energy that can be causing you to be out of alignment. It will assist the body in its natural healing process to develop emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being, releasing anything that no longer serves you. 


Reiki is a form of energy healing originating from Japan and can be done from anywhere as energy is not bound by time or space, so works just as well remotely as it does in person. During sessions I will share reiki with you directly through human touch.  The healing comes from the universal energy which is transmitted through my hands. It will give you a comfortable and safe feeling. I am simply a tool of delivery to create a space for the universal energy to meet with you for your highest good. 

Let Go + Let Love



Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing, it is believed that energy can become stagnant in our bodies where there has been physical injury or emotional pain and, in time, these energy blocks can cause physical or mental illness. Reiki releases this blocked energy allowing new positive energy to flow and heal. 

Vision Board Workshop

You are the creator of your own reality & to get the results you desire you have to have a clear vision! This is the law of attraction. The act of creating your very own Vision Board is the first step to success. By being clear about your vision now, you are preparing for abundance and miracles to flow to you with ease... All you have to do is show up!


Sound Healing

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years and uses the principles of vibration and resonance for deep healing. Access a higher level of consciousness and sink into a state deep of relaxation allowing your mind and body to heal.


Contact Me


45 Balham High Road, Balham, SW12 9AN


Tel: 07736200858

"Trust the process, you do not need to know how it works, only that it does."
- Hazel Butterworth.
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